Patience is the key to a girl’s heart.

This last week affirmed my believe that patience and finesse are the key to a girl’s heart. And by heart I mean vagina.

Maxine from Bumble:

Thursday night..

My plans for this last Thursday started on Wednesday when I was chatting on bumble with this 29 yr old girl called Maxine. I could tell she didn’t like chatting online so much, and neither do I, so I was direct and asked if she wanted to meet up tomorrow night. She said yes and we eventually got around to making plans to meet in Chinatown around 8pm. She said she was going to be there eating dinner with her auntie. So 8 o’clock rolls around the next day and she ends up changing plans to 9pm.. I went with it and met up with my buddy L for some Korean cuisine. Patience.

Maxine pushed back the meet up again, so we went back to L’s house and had a beer and did a couple lines of coke, which I normally don’t partake in, but since I had such a long day, I thought it would pep me up. It did.

We eventually make our way to Chinatown and to a club where my buddy’s ex girlfriend was DJing. I had Maxine meet us there and she brought her auntie and her auntie’s girl friend. The club was having LGBT night, and ironically Maxine’s auntie was gay. Bonus points for me.

Maxine’s demeanor was cold and standoffish. But by then I drank enough alcohol for some extra swagg and the coke was helping me to melt the ice. I asked what kind of music she liked and she said rap. Bonus points for her. But as we were starting to dance she busted out her phone and started catching Pokémon. No joke. I thought it was funny and took a Snapchat of her doing it. She didn’t like that and stormed off the dance floor and over to where her auntie was. Points for me and her deducted.

I went over to them after ordering another drink and sought to make amends. She wasn’t mad anymore and I drummed up some lively conversation. I told her to get her auntie on the dance floor and she said she dared me to try. I ended up getting them on the dance floor, which scored major bonus points for me.

We danced for a while and even grinded a bit. I had a good feeling I was totally in there. After the club we said let’s go to Waikiki but she wanted to stop by her place first. We went upstairs with her auntie and friend and her apartment turned out to be a baller crib. We went inside and it was huge. With a million dollar view of downtown. I saw her key fab on the counter and girl drives a Bentley. No joke. I mentioned it and she quickly pulled it out of sight.

Her auntie and friend left. I thought Maxine was in her room changing, but she came out in her pjs. She changed her mind about going out. A typical young rich girl move. I thought this is perfect, I’m gonna get some right now. She went and laid down and I came in to her room and jumped into bed with her. She didn’t kick me out. I got close and tried to get my feel on. She didn’t stop me yet, but when I tried to kiss her she only gave me a peck on the lips. I continued feeling her up. I put my hand in her pjs and rubbed her bare butt. When I tried to go lower, she stopped me. I didn’t rush it. I snuck a few more kisses and we caressingly held each other. We had a sweet conversation as we laid there. I talked about my life and my daughter. I asked her about a scar on her forehead and she told me about how when she was 10, she was in a car accident that killed both her parents. She was an orphan and eventually adopted by a wealthy family. They were an older couple and had both passed away a few years ago, leaving her with their wealth.

She was falling asleep on me and I opted to say good night instead of lay there with her. I kissed her a couple more times and left. Patience.


I went to a girl friend of mine’s house who doesn’t mind if I show up at the wee hours of the morning. Brittany, she’s 27, 5ft, hapa, and a super cool and smart lawyer who isn’t actually practicing law. She loves to fuck and we got it on before passing out. No condom. I woke her up again at 5am and fucked her some more. She said she was sore because I’m so big, so I didn’t finish. She gave me head and I still couldn’t cum. She said she wanted to swallow so I jerked off with her mouth around the head of my cock until I climaxed. She swallowed it all.

We passed out again and I took off to work a bit. I was so hungover that I blew off work til later and got breakfast. Then I texted Maxine. No answer. So I boldly went back to her place. I called and she answered and invited me up. She was still in bed so I laid next to her. It felt good. But she wasn’t letting me kiss her so I just rubbed her legs and tried to get some more sleep. I couldn’t. Neither could she. I said I was going to try to get some work done and that we should meet up for lunch. She said she was going on a Pokémon raid and that sounded good to her. I swear that’s all the girl does is shop and play Pokémon all day. Rough life.

We met later on for lunch and I drove. My car was a bit embarrassing I’ll have to say because although it is a nice BMW there’s quite a few things broken in it. Such as the rearview mirror, the tint peeling off my driver side window, and a leak in the coolant line, to name a few. She made a comment about me being that type of person that lets things go unfixed that I thought about and it bothered me then and later…but I’ll come back to that.

We had lunch and she seemed cold again. Not unfriendly but not really flirtatious. But we agreed that she would come north the next day and hang out with me. I paid for lunch and was going to drop her at her place and go back to work but she had me drop her at a Pokémon raid. She even invited me to meet her little Pokémon clan and join them in their raid. Because I have a daughter I actually do you have the game on my iPhone so I joined in. Funny enough, she warned me before that her friends are total dorks. I don’t like to use that term because it’s derogatory and insulting but she described them perfectly in the stereotypical sense of the word. We did the raid and said bye. Patience seemed to be paying off.


I was so beat from the day before that I stayed in bed for way to long, but it felt good. I texted Maxine to see if we were still on and she took forever replying and when she finally did she said she wasn’t going to make it. Now here is where I messed up and was impatient. I like her comment about my car get to me and called her to chat about it. I explained that issues with my car we’re not due to lack of attention, but moreso a lack of money. I have no idea why I said this and although it’s true, I’m realizing now that it sounds super lame. My overthinking situations has undone my chances with girls in the past and definitely did this time. She didn’t like that I was even saying it and hung up annoyed. I tried to salvage some dignity by texting her later but it was no use. She was gone.

Enter, Alana from Cali:

Alana is someone I know for about nine months or so. We met through mutual friends and right away I felt a strong vibe from her. We met at a party and flirted a bit, went to a club that night, danced a bit..and I ended up leaving because she was playing that “hard to get” game and I had to much to drink. Funny enough, I ended up in a threesome with two girls

that night, but that’s another story.

Alana was the religious type. 22 years old The full girl next door type. Blonde with a rocking petite body with a bubble butt and bee sting titties. A true good girl, with a hidden “bad” side. I knew it was there but continue to play the patient “friend that flirts” card and would go on little dates to the movies and dinner or drinks. But she would always joke and tell me that we’re not having sex. Every now and then I would sneak a little feel, and she would do the same to me, as she definitely has a flirtatious side. We would even talk about sex and over the months she became really comfortable with me. I can tell her anything and she does the same with me. She always asks about girls I sleep with and tells me about the guys that she kind of hooks up with and her other sexual frustrations.

One night after a “date” she opened up to me and I went down on her. She had the tiniest little pussy and it tasted amazing. Like a peach. Totally shaved and had the smallest tucked in labia. Just how I like. We didn’t have sex though, but made plans to hang out again later that week. We went to dinner in Waikiki and then to this club called addiction where we were having a blast until she accused me of looking at another girl and stormed out of the club. I followed her and we got in an argument. I was so drunk that I got really upset and bailed on the night. She was very upset too and we made the long drive home in silence. When I dropped her off she got out quickly and slammed the door hard. I didn’t talk to her for months. The lesson I learned was no matter what happens, do not lose your temper.

There was salvation though. One day when traveling back from Mexico I saw her in the airport and we happen to be on the same plane coming back to Honolulu. I didn’t say anything figuring she was still upset with me. But she texted me a few days later we made amends. A few days after that we met up and re-connected and strangely enough, we actually had sex that night. It was really good and her pussy was so tight and even though I wore a condom I came very quickly, which is unusual for me.

But then I didn’t hear from her for a few days. I sent her a little hello text but I assumed she’s talking to other guys. (I later found out I was right) Most pretty girls are talking to more than one person at a time and if they tell you they’re not, there probably lying. But the space apart was good, the separation let her know that I wasn’t going to turn boyfriend on her. And that space allowed her to explore the freedom that comes with not dating, but having a good friend. We ended up hanging out again but her guard was up for some reason so we didn’t sleep together that time. Patience. With Alana, I never pushed it or rushed it and I think this is been the key to her heart, and when I say heart, I mean vagina.

…so this last Saturday, after Maxine was dissing me for my impatience and stupidity, I called up Alana. We went to the movies, came back to my house and I fucked her hard til she came, then she rode me til she came again, then I did…unfortunately with a condom on. I really want to fuck her bareback. Patience.


My first Hawaii sex life post.. Sex with a 16 yr old

I’ve never started a blog before. I’m don’t really even considering myself a good writer. I’m an artist, a surfer, and a 38 yr old single dad to an awesome little girl who lives with me half of the week. I’m 6 ft, fit, and have been told I’m exceptionally handsome and that I have an exceptionally large cock. I sleep with about 2 girls a week on average, but the most I have in one week is 5. And I try make clear to them all that I’m not interested in a monogamous relationship, or at least I don’t promise them such a thing or lead them to believe that’s what I want. But I wasn’t always like this.

I did actually first have sex when I was 13, with a 15 year old. But that’s another story. Despite that, in my teens I wasn’t super lucky with the ladies. I relied on my looks but my game was way off. In my early 20s I became a born again Christian and only slept with a couple girls until my mid to late 20s when I shed my religious rhetoric and started dating again. I definitely started sleeping with more girls during that time but it was always either a one night stand or a monogamous relationship. I did cheat on a couple girls I dated and always felt bad about that. Which is one reason I won’t have an exclusive relationship. When I was about 30 I got my gf pregnant and we eventually had a daughter and got married. The marriage lasted 5 years. I was faithful to her most of those years, up until the end when our differences got the better of us.

I went through a rough break up and somewhat of a lonely period after that. Now a days I do the single dad thing half the week and the other half I enjoy meeting up with girls for a fun time. And the younger they are, the more fun they seem to me. Girls over 30, if still single, either seem too jaded for me or want to settle down and start a family. Neither of which I’m into doing right now. Most of the girls I know that are under 25 are all about fun and seem to have a more adventurous nature about them. They seem more positive as if life hasn’t dashed all their dreams yet. I actually feel like I have more in common with younger girls because I haven’t let hardships dash my dreams or deal me a bitter hand. I remain positive, energetic, fun loving and this is probably why I hook up with so many girls. I’m healthy and happy. I’m not possessive with women and not jealous of other men. I love and live freely and in the past 2.5 years since I’ve been divorced, I’ve slept with 45 different girls, most of them under 30 years old, the majority under 25, a few 18 and 19 year olds. And about a year and a half ago, I fucked a 16 year old…who, at the time, I thought was 18. Thankfully the legal age of consent in Hawaii is 16.

Don’t judge. You probably would have done the same. This was no ordinary 16 year old. No, this girl was a woman. She had and still has the body of a goddess and the face of an angel. Without a doubt, the hottest girl I’ve ever hooked up with. She’s one of those Instagram model/celebrity babes who has an obscene amount of followers and just gets paid to get her picture taken. One day after a surf contest we crossed paths and immediately hit it off. We had known each other through social media but when we finally met we just had this chemistry right off the bat. We made plans to meet up later that evening. I kinda thought it wasn’t going to happen, because plans tend to fall through when dealing with young girls…there super flaky. You never know what will happened. But, we did meet up.

She was already at the restaurant with friends when I got there. A spread of delicious rich food hit the table almost as soon as I sat down. I always feel bad about accepting gifts from people I don’t know well, but her friends insisted I dig in. We ate and drank wine. Later on we even sat at the bar. This must have been her first time ever at a bar. I couldn’t tell, she handled herself like someone twice her age. But I kinda can’t believe she was getting served. She doesn’t look 16, but also doesn’t look 21. We were having a great time. Talking, laughing, we even talked about deep things and I actually found her perspective on life very mature and cool. I could have a real conversation with her and her youthful energy was quickening to say the least. I was giving little touches to her leg and her little touches to my hands and leg was showing me she was feeling it too. She even hinted at us having sex. In terms of sex appeal, this girl was way ahead of her time. Eventually her friends said goodbye, leaving her with me at the bar. We headed out of turtle bay and back to the north shore. She wanted to come stay the night.

I was so excited and kinda drunk when we got back to my place that at first I couldn’t get it up. I was over the moon that she was in my room though, but trying not to show it. I started undressing her as I sat on the bed and she stood above me, kissing me. Her body was perfect, and her ass even more perfect. Her tits, not too big, not too small. I slid her panties off and turned her around to get a good look at her tight little butt. She apologized for a blemish on her ass. I didn’t care. Through her gape I could see her pink little pussy. Yet somehow I was still not erect. Sometimes this happens when I drink too much. I pulled her onto the bed with me and began eating her out and fingering her. I did this for a while as I determinedly rubbed my cock like a magic lamp. Still couldn’t get hard.

I got up, apologized about my lack of a hard on, which she was totally fine with, and I went to the bathroom to pee. When I came out, I grabbed the coconut oil and started to massage her. She was face down on the bed. I poured the oil down her back and on her ass. Then rubbed it all the way down to her size 5 feet. After running her shoulders a bit, I worked my way down to her lower back and butt, then to her legs and inner thighs. She opened them a bit and lifted her beautiful little bubble butt in the air as slid my hand between her legs and cupped my hand to her perfect little pussy. I rested it there for a second, then slipped my middle finger in between her wet slit and glided it all the way from her clit to her ass hole. As I slid my hand forward I pushed my finger deep inside her tiny vagina then pulled it out and slid it back and forth and in and out like that. I stopped and gave her round sun kissed ass another few big massage strokes with both hands. Now I was hard as a rock.

I straddled her and slid my big cock deep inside her from behind and started slow pumping as she grabbed the side of the bed and moaning the sweetest moan I ever heard. Some hair pulling and a few minutes later, I turned her over on her back and gave her pussy another big lick. I moved up her body grabbed the back of her neck and slid insider her again. I have to say I really enjoy the missionary position. Especially when I arch back on my knees while holding her legs and look down at a shaved pussy full of hard cock going in and out. I fucked her hard like this until she came, all the while kissing her, grabbing tits, and lifting her butt up with my hands.. I think she came again, I’m not sure. We were in this position for a while. I asked her if she was on birth control and she said she was. I asked if I could come inside her and she said I could. That threw me over the edge and made me cum so hard as and I left it deep inside of her. She loved it and while I was cumming she gave me the biggest kiss I’ll never forget.

I’ve been with some really hot girls, but like I said, this one tops them all. We cleaned up and afterwards cuddled naked in my bed. I spooned her and couldn’t help but stroke her up and down, all 5’2″ 100 pounds of her. I got hard as a rock again and was ready to go but she wasn’t. We fell asleep. The next morning I woke up to her talking to her boss on the phone. I was still half asleep, so vaguely remember this but I suppose as she sat there on her knees talking on the phone, I slid up underneath her and she sat on my face while I ate her out and she tried to finish up her phone conversation. Now I was wide awake. She hung up and slid down my body and onto my stiff cock and rode me til I busted another load up inside of her.

For me it was an amazing and unforgettable way to end and start a day. We said goodbye afterwards as I had some business I had to tend to. She’s 18 now. We still keep in touch have met up since then and even flirted about meeting up again, but we never did after that day. I don’t let it get me down though. Good memories stay good if you let them. I’ve never really shared this memory with anyone. Actually, I don’t really ever talk about this kind of stuff with anyone. I see a therapist who I tell in brief what goes on in my life, but I don’t really give her any juicy details. So I guess that’s why I’m starting this blog. A place where I can be open, honest, and anonymous. I’ll keep the stories coming as they come to me, and maybe even tell a few old ones that stick out in my memory. Keep reading if you want.

Anyone who thinks I should or shouldn’t write such a thing, I’m open to hearing your thoughts.